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DIY Dressing Room Mirror

You know how there are a couple of things that you need simply because childhood-you would love them. This is one of those. I have ALWAYS wanted a dressing room mirror that lights up. Always. When I found out how uber cool my room was I knew I needed to make this dream come true, but after a quick google I discovered that they are both rare and mega expensive. I set out on a DIY mission! Ideally I would have used those festoon lights but for some reason they are also ridiculously expensive in the UK so  had to make my own using clear baubles. I think they turned out pretty fab though, and they are making my morning routine a whole lot more glamorous.

You will need:
A mirror
Foamcore board
Black sticky back vinyl
A glue gun
An xacto knife
A ruler and pencil
Fairy lights
Clear baubles; you can get some fab ones here on amazon.
Strong masking tape.
1. First fix your mirror to the wall or your unit. You will need to measure around the edge of your mirror- these measurements will be the inside measurement for your frame.
2. Cut out the pieces for your frame. The main frame edges need to have 45 degree angles to connect to each other and the shorter sides need to be the length of the measurements of your mirror. You will also need some rectangular edging bits to make your frame more 3d.
3. To glue your frame together, hold the angles together and then add a strip of glue gun glue on the wrong side of the frame.
4. Do this for both angles of your frame.
5. Mark on where you want your bulbs to go and cut out a circle.
6. Line up your side pieces.
7. Glue your sides on using the glue gun.
8. Now add your vinyl plastic.
9. Using your xacto knife cut a hole in your vinyl.
10. Fold the vinyl inside if there is a little excess to leave a nice finish.
11. Now it's time to add your baubles. Before I added my baubles I sprayed them with this spray to make them nice and opaque. I then put them into the hole and added a tonne of glue gun glue all around the opening to hold them in.
12. It should look like this when you're all done!
13. Now thread your fairy lights along the back of the frame putting a fairy light in each bauble.
14. Using a little masking tape hold the fairy light in place.

Now all  you need to do is secure your frame over your mirror and you're done!

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