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DIY Stripey Shoes

A few weeks ago I saw these on the American Apparel site and it was love at first click. Sadly the price wasn't really anything I could deal with so they had to be shoved firmly on the "things I'll buy if I win the lottery...and then remember this list" list. Then I found a really gross pair of old stained fabric shoes in the back of my wardrobe and decided to go to town on them. I think they turned out pretty snazzy, don't you? Plus I've saved about £70 and that's always snazzy.

You will need:
Fabric shoes
Good masking tape
Acrylic paint
Nail Varnish remover
1. First take your gross shoes and give them a good wash. This is after a wash. URGH
2. Now cut out the tongue using a pair of scissors to carefully unpick the stitching.
3. Give your shoes a couple of coats of white paint as a good base and allow to dry fully.
4. Add your masking tape stripes using an extra piece of masking tape to judge the space between stripes.
5. Paint! Wait to dry and remove! You should have some snazzy stripes. I did horizontal stripes at the toe and then vertical stripes leading to the back.
6. If you've splurged onto the sole a little take a paintbrush covered in nail varnish remover and give the extra paint a dab.
Thank you to everyone who sent me lovely get well soon messages! I am well and truly on the mend and totally looking forward to setting off to Edinburgh on Friday! eee!


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