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DIY Floral Sunglasses

The flower crown trend has gone CRUH-AZY lately but I haven't seen too many variations, I mean flowers shouldn't be limited to just headwear so I thought I would make some sunflower sunglasses for the sunshine state (we're jetting off in to days ahhhh!). They were so crazily easily to make that I guarentee anyone could make these. And you should, there is no way you can be grumpy when you're wearing sunflowers.

You will need:
Fake flowers
Pliers/ Strong scissors
A glue gun

1) First use your sandpaper to sand the frames of your glasses. If your frames are a little rough they will allow the glue to stick a little easier.
2) Snip off the stems of your flowers.
3) Add a little glue to the pack of your flower. Not only will this stick the flower to the frames but also it will keep the flower together.
4) Starting from the inner corners fix your sunflowers to the frames and build up until covered.

And now wear with super amounts and pride and joy!


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