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A Star Crown

 I love flower crowns, they're awesome, but sometimes you just need a sultry version- bring on the star crown! As I shared on Monday, this is the first in my Pinspiration series where I share something I have made which was was inspired by an image on Pinterest. This crown was inspired by the wonderful Dita Von Teese and one of her amazing costumes. It's pretty easy to make and super adaptable, after all you could pretty much stick anything on the ends of those wires. Time to get creative!

You will need:
A sturdy alice band
Some wire
Masking tape/ Floral wire
Glue gun
1. First lay out your alice band. Cut and bend your wires roughly to size and place them by your band until you like the placement. Remember also that the placement will look different when you wear the band since you will be stretching it.
2. Now bind and secure the wires using floral or masking tape.
3. Cut out your stars from felt and check for positioning on your wires.
4. When you're happy use a glue gun to secure the stars to the wires. But generous with glue.
5. Now paint the stars and the tape silver.
6. To finish add glitter or sequins to make your crown extra glamorous.

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