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Week 2: Wear SPF Daily

Time for my second resolution.

I am the worst at looking after my skin. All the way through my teenage years I was blessed with the most amazing glowy skin. Seriously, not a spot in sight. I think it might  be my best feature. This did mean however that I didn't really feel the need to look after it. It looked great when I did nothing so why add in moisturisers and cleansers and all the rest, right? Well, over the last year or so I've been looking a little more tired so I thought it was time to step up the skin care. Roll on resolution number 2: wear SPF everyday.
 I like to keep my beauty regime really minimal and so it was really important that I found a product which could do pretty much everything. After a load of research into what actually benefited you from moisturisers, lotions and potions I squared in on the main factor; it has to be high in SPF. I then set out on a mission to find my dream product.

After a trip round town sampling and experimenting I zeroed in on this cheeky little number: Million Dollar Moisturiser by Lush. I reeeeally love this stuff. It's got SPF 30, it's ethical and it's got a tiny bit of pigment in it to give you a subtle glow. It is a little bit on the pricey side at £32.50 a pot but after using it for a while I can tell that it's going to last for ever so I think the price is fair.
For the days when I want to be a bit more pulled together I apply some moisturiser, rub it in and then blend some foundation into areas which need a bit more balancing in tone like under my eyes. I've started using Hello Flawless benefit foundation because it's not at all cakey and also has SPF in it so don't feel like I'm wearing a load of gunk on my face. Yay!

I've been playing to this skincare routine for a few weeks now and I must say I really like it. I've never really been into beauty products that much but it felt really good to research, find and start a routine which I know is helping my skin and make me feel good.

Week 2: Nailed!

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