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Edinburgh Fringe Food Tour


 Don't get me wrong, I do love the Edinburgh Fringe festival... however after a month of not being able to walk anywhere without a flyer-er trying to make me go to a free show, join a circus troupe and buy some organic leggings made by new-age vegan monks, I am welcoming life after the Fringe.

There is one thing I am really going to miss though. The one thing that made venturing out worthwhile was the abundance of amazing food trucks. Oh my goodness, the smells as you walk into town! I think if they were there all year I would never make it to a lecture; I would just steadily become distracted and drift from cuisine to cuisine. Mmmmm. Anyway, last week as the Fringe drew to a close we decided to do a little tour of all the amazing trucks and we think we found our favourites. Get ready to feel jealous.
My ultimate favourite was the Jingle Bus. Oh my goodness those pakora wraps are to die for. I would never had ordered a pakora wrap as a treat but word of mouth really did it for this company and it wasn't long before I was hearing everyone rave about their wares. I'm really interested in trying to recreate these but I haven't really been able to find any recipes that have a similar texture; everything I've found seems very bhaji-ish whereas these were a lot softer. If anyone has any suggestions please pass them on!
 The favourite of the boys (for those who don't know, I live in a 'New Girl' kind of set up... it's awesome) seemed to be Dumplings and Wings. It's pretty explanatory what they sell but boy were they good. The wings with Bourbon sauce may very well be the best thing on at the Fringe this year.
 Awww look at them all waiting patiently. Love em.

The only reason why this stand wasn't my favourite was that wings are ridiculous to eat in public. We sat down with our inviting boxes filled with sticky treats and within minutes our entire faces were covered with the stuff. I was more coated than the chicken. This is a food that's just impossible to eat outside with any dignity at all. However... this might just be me, everyone else seemed to fare a little better along the clean-feral continuum while I struggled and somehow managed to get the marinade in my hair (how!?). Meh,  maybe it's just me.
Last but by no means least their dumplings were sublime. I've never had street food dumplings before but they were soooo good! Also they were pretty small so they were perfect for having a taster from one stall but still being able to try other things. 

Oh food vans, I will miss you so. My jeans however will not. Get ready for healthy food posts, you guys!

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