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Red Door Gallery

As soon as me and George moved in we recognised a very clear problem; neither his previous decor nor mine was going to work in a shared room. In his uni room he had a few maps and club posters on his wall and while I thought they were kind of cool I wouldn't have chosen them for myself. Last year I covered my room with Disney posters and fairy lights and while I really loved this look for myself I wanted our room to feel like ours rather than my room which we were both living in.

Cue decorating weekend! On Wednesday we skipped off to Ikea to buy gender neutral bedding (surprisingly difficult to find without being mind numbingly boring) and storage and shortly after we set out to buy some art. Edinburgh is amazing for art shops and so I'm sure I will we sharing a few more favourites but our new stand out is Red Door in Grassmarket. Oh my goodness we loved everything! We ended up buying a couple of things and adding many many things to our wishlists.
I thought I would share some of my favourites below. If you have time and you're in Edinburgh check it out!!!
Also, before moving in I found it surprisingly difficult to find any blog posts or advice on decorating a room together. Any posts were either about decorating a shared bedroom for children or just creating a pretty drab neutral adult room. Has anyone else had this problem? I feel a blog series coming on!

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