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Dino snores- A sleepover at the Natural History Museum

You know that rare moment you get when, while experiencing something you suddenly realise that you are forming a precious memory? This. This Friday me and George had this almost constantly when we went to a sleepover at the Natural History Museum.

When I asked George what kind of present he wanted for his 21st he said an experience. For my 21st he had bought me tickets to the Ballet in Vienna at Christmas time (ie when Vienna is at it's Christmas-marketty best) and so I knew I had to do pretty well here. Cue frantic researching. Finally I found the coolest thing. Dinosnores for adults- a sleepover at the Natural History museum with an amazing three course meal and activities all night. I was sold. We were excited!

We arrived at 6:30 to find a spot in the hall to sleep in. This was such a fun beginning! When we arrived the museum was all shut up so there was a guard on the closed gate, as went up to him and nervously asked about Dinosnores he swung open the massive doors to let us in. It felt like such a little special secret world!
 If you get a chance to go to this event, do it! One of the most wonderful things about it was just how organised it was. As we arrived we were given a little time to settle in and get a free drink and then from that point onwards we just had a plethora of fun things to do. We had an amazing meal, a gin tasting, a stand up comedy show (which was about frogs, so naturally I was a little skeptical, but it was actually hilarious), and then a lecture about the sex lives of insects. After that we were set free in the museum to wander where ever we pleased. If this wasn't exciting enough they also gave us a treasure hunt to do if we wanted. I repeat, a treasure hunt. It was amaze-balls.
 I had so many little favourite moments of the night which just felt magical so I thought I'd make a list so I never ever forget.

 One of my favourite things was that as we fell asleep there was a harpist playing for us. I adore harp music, it puts me in a weird meditative trance which just completely made my night the most magical it could possibly be.
In short, if  you can go to Dinosnores, go to Dinosnores.

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