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My button collection

 Ok....ok. Before you judge me as a completely insane old hoarder lady I have an excuse to why I have such a big button collection. Well, kind of. For some reason I love using buttons as the inspiration to my sewing, for example my skunk and toucan dresses were both inspired by their buttons. Often I will find a button I love and then build a dress around it which doesn't even include the button. Hmm... I just read that back and realised how insane that sounded. Ok permission to judge.
What ever it is that draws me to buttons I've given up resisting it. I now buy buttons freely under the guilt-free reasoning that they are enriching my life. 1) I find inspiration in them and 2) They are oh so calming to categorise. I purposely keep them all jumbled together just so I can pour them all out on a table and group them together when I'm feeling a little stressed. 
 When taking these photos I noticed that my collection is divided completely into animals and foods. I guess that makes sense. I do love things I can eat and things I can hug.
If you're interested in building up an equally insane button collection these are the shops I buy from. They are awesome sauce.

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