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26/07/15 This Week


I need to address the elephant in the room. I really didn't intend to take a year off blogging. I guess it just kind of happened. I think it was down to two reasons. 

1. My new room had basically no natural light. I was really hard to get engaged with creating content in any way when I knew I wouldn't be able to look good. A couple of times I contemplated going out onto the pavement to photograph things but fear got the best of me. Luckily this coming year I'm in a new room with lots of amazing natural light. 

2. I'm really really happy! The year before last I was in a situation where I was just generally quite low and so blogging was something I did to escape and it felt really good to have a rigid schedule to stick to. However, because my living situation wasn't wonderful I wasn't doing too much extra curricular stuff and so I allowed (and welcomed) blogging taking up a huge amount of my time. Suddenly when I found myself in a great environment this year I realised that this was time I wanted to spend getting to know my new friends and doing really fun things. I completely loved this year but I have missed blogging now I'm more settled into a regular routine. So... I'm coming back to it. 

So basically expect lots more DIY, lifestyle and generally happy content. Yay!
Talking of happy content, I was talking to my Mum a while ago and she told me that she has started a new type of 'happiness meditation' which I just loved the sound of. At the end of every day you have to list three things that made you happy that day. Sometimes it's really easy and sometimes it's really hard but you always have to do it. The idea is that by getting into a habit of searching and recognising small details in the day retrospectively you will eventually train yourself to recognise the happy things at the time. I love this idea and I've been trying to do it a lot more. I thought I would share some every now and then. 

Anyway. I'M BACK, BABY!
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