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This week...

I need the help of all you bloggers or business-runners out there who have dark houses. HOW ON EARTH DO YOU DO IT!? I really want to blog more but it's really hard when all the content I can produce is all shadowy and bleh. How do you do it!? Do you use lights and flash? How do you avoid getting that washed out look? I need your advice!

I thought I'd do a round up of my week.
-We're in week three right now at uni and so things have just started to heat up in terms of actually needing to do things. I swear I could not do it were it not for colourful stationery. That might be a bit materialistic but it works. I have on colour for each of my courses and I really love it that by the end of my degree I'll have a rainbow for my bookcase.
-Last year I visited  Fortnum and Mason for the first time and oh my goodness I am addicted to their fruit tea. The majority of the time out house are addicted to Lidl Mint tea (actually the best thing ever!) but when things need a little bit of shake up you can't beat a bit of F&T.
-Talking of cheap products which are totally amazing, have you tried the Primark scents lately? They're really nice and fresh.
-I've switched to a more natural hair colour lately so I'm rocking a little bit more of a natural red. Now that it's not so bright red I've been rocking a lot more red. Lipstick, dresses and glasses. I can't get enough of the colour now I don't clash so much.
-Dark chocolate is a life saver right now. I'm trying to eat healthier and cut down on unhealthy snacks but I think I would just collapse if I didn't have treats every now and then.
-It is cooooooold in Edinburgh right now! We have snow and frost and wind so walking to uni had been horrific. These gloves from Tiger have been such a life saver. They are touch gloves so I can use my iphone with them, most touch gloves are really boring colours but Tiger does some really sweet patterns.
-I finished the dark tower series a week or so ago and I'm still reeling! I spent about 6 months reading all 7 books and I just can't get over the fact there's no more to read. I feel totally lost! What do you do when you finish a series? (Also if you  haven't read it, you totally should. It's a change-your-life series.)


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