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My New Uni Room

I'm not sure about you guys but I always notice around this time that the bloggosphere takes a little hit as everyone heads back to uni and gets their life sorted out a little bit. I'm guilty of that too, it suddenly feels like I've been so incredibly busy! I've suddenly gone from doing nothing with my days to having heap of reading to do, yoga three times a week, bhangra twice a week and bellydancing once a week. Plus I have to keep up to do with ANTM and bake-off; I'm telling you guys, it's hectic. I thought I would show some little snippets of my room just so you feel as settled in as I do. 
I thought a before and after was called for too. As you can see I have quite a small room this year, but I'm kind of loving that; you can clear it up soooo quickly! Plus to make it yours you only really need a few posters (or in my case heaps of garlands!). The only thing I'm worrying is that the light is really iffy in here. I'm sure I'll find somewhere to take project photos but it might mean spending a day stalking around the house with my camera in tow. 

This is the corner that really makes me feel at home. The minute I put up all my pictures and Snoopy cards (they're from my Mum) I just felt pretty settled. I also totally recommend building yourself a little gumball canopy; I got them here

It's been really great to get back into making things too. I made my little cactus garden and my book clutch was a project I still haven't quite finished yet from the summer. I've also started working on this huge mad paper mache bear head. I really love being about to do projects like that. The ones you do totally just because you can and you want to. So that's my room for now. Get ready to see little updates all year and a massive bear very soon. :)

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