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The Costumerie

You guys, I am so happy to finally be able to show you my new business; the Costumerie!

I've always been so passionate about big, amazing costume jewellery. I've always loved that you can wear something which glitters and sparkles and looks like it could be draped around the neck of a Hollywood movie star, but it's affordable! And so I thought I would use my skills of tracking down amazing pieces and open a shop. After a few months of collecting, collating, designing and shooting I'm finally ready to share everything... and I'm so excited.
It's been so fun setting everything up and making it look spiffy. One of my main concerns was creating packaging which felt like a real treat to receive; I wanted every one of my customers to feel like the leading lady unpacking jewels for the red carpet. After working with some amazing designers I've finally got that and I can't stop boxing and unboxing everything and squealing!
I hope you head on over to etsy and have a look.
I'm offering all my readers a 10% discount with the voucher code OPENINGYAY10 to celebrate my opening weekend! This voucher is available until next Friday.
I can't wait to see what you all think! So many exclamation points!!!

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