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My Top 5 Disney Art Books- The Art of the Disney Princess

 Are you ready for some more Disney wonderful-ness? Of course you are!
So here is my second selection (you can see my first post here); The Art of The Disney Princess. This is another book that I spotted in the parks but didn't have the opportunity to leaf through. It looked really interesting though so I stuck it on my wishlist and hoped father Christmas had good taste.
This book is entirely different from the others and I think if I had looked through it in the parks I would not have bought it. I was expecting it to be full of character studies and information about the different Disney princesses and their development into the characters in the films. It's not this at all! It is more like a scrapbook of different artworks which pay homage to the princesses.
 When I first looked through the book I was a little put out. Some of the artists have certainly not recognised the princesses in 'Classic Disney' style! There's one of Belle as a sort of cyborg war hero which particularly had me raising an eyebrow. I suppose it's just the purist in me. Having said that though, this book has totally grown on me. Although there are a few out there pieces, there is plenty to please the average Disney fan and loads of fun excepts from the artists explaining why particular Princesses appealed to them.
Basically this book is a collection of really amazing fanfiction. Though it doesn't feel like a book made by Disney I think it's really good at showing just how influential Disney has been on art and design over the years. It's a little bit different, but it's well worth the browse.

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