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A secret forest patisserie

I'm not a girl with many weaknesses; I can easily go without most foods, I'm not addicted to anything, shoes or handbags don't make me weak at the knees. I think my only weakness might be luxury. You know the luxury that makes Marie Antoinette the scrumptious film that it is? I just love the care and attention and artistry poured into luxury products (although I wish I didn't, my goodness my bank account has taken a hit this Summer!). That is why I am showing you this amazing etsy shop. A Secret Forest Patisserie is absolutely everything I adore. Every single product is absolutely stunning in its creation, its art directing and the sheer amount of time and energy spent on it. When I was putting together this post I thought, hmm can I really share ten pictures in one blog post? I can and I am. They're too beautiful not to.
If you love the look of Vanessa's creations you really need to pop over to her shop and check out the flavours, it would seem these babies don't only look good! Black cherry, Violet Champagne, Cinnamon, Chocolate and almond. My goodness I'm in love!
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