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5 Ways to Give Tickets as Gifts

This weekend it was George's birthday and for his main birthday present I bought him tickets to go and see the Book of Mormon. However after I had bought them I quickly realised that I had to collect them at the door on the day and so I had nothing to actually give him. I mocked some theatre tickets up on photoshop, printed them out and then got thinking on how to snazz up the whole 'make a representative bit of paper a good gift' thing.
 #1. The Leave-It-Somewhere-Noticeable.
I love the idea of leaving some tickets on a noticeboard or a shelf which you know your loved one looks at regularly. This is a good idea for a just-because present because there's no big presentation and they will just discover them when they discover them. Just imagine that priceless double take when they realise!
 #2 The Cheeky Joke Gift.
I presented my tickets in a book of Mormon. It got a little chuckle.
 #3 The "Oh Wait! There's More!!!"
You know when you got a present when you were a kid and you'd look inside the wrapping paper to check if there was a little extra present in there? This appeals to that part of everyone. Pack it at the bottom of a box, under another present and wait for the discovery.
 #4 The OMG It's In A Balloon!
I love clear balloons because you can put stuff in them. Pure and simple. For this one I wouldn't recommend using actual tickets as you have to scrumple them up a bit so make sure you are using a scanned copy.
#5 The Pocket Gift.
I like the pocket gift. Basically you give a bag or a purse or a jacket or something with a pocket and just wait for them to discover their second present. This one may benefit from some hinting "So....what're the pockets like? Roomy?" But it's another fun reveal.

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