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My Top 5 Disney Art Books- Poster Art of the Disney Parks

 When you're feeling a little low on inspiration there is nothing quite like a coffee table book; they're so big and glossy and feel like so much of a more holy experience than if you were to see the same images on pinterest. There is always at least one big art book on my birthday or Christmas list and, because I am slightly obsessed, often they will be Disney related. I love me some behind the scenes Disney action! I thought I would share with you my short list of my favourite Disney books, over a few posts. Be warned, they are very picture heavy, but then again if you didn't sign up for that I really doubt you'd be here!
 First up! Poster Art of the Disney Parks. I first saw this huge book in Disney World, however in the parks it fetched quite a hefty price tag and so I waited until I got home and bought it on Amazon. The general premise of this book is Posters for rides and attractions around the parks with a few character posters thrown in for good measure. It is a visual feast!
The book is divided into sections based upon the different lands of the Disney parks. Fantasyland is obviously the best. Obviously.

The pages represent a wonderful view into the minds of the park designers. For one ride or attraction there will often be slightly different colour themes depending upon the season and these will develop over the years as the park and ride develops to become something new. Another really interesting aspect of the artwork is that usually a subtly different poster is displayed in each of the parks, with Tokyo being the most divergent, suggesting that all the parks have their own moods and clientèle demanding different styles. I find it all really fascinating!
There are quite a few full page pieces to pour over. They have picked these prints so well and there isn't really one poster which isn't deserving of a page. When I have my own place I fully intend to buy a second copy just so I can frame some of these pages.
I also like the detail this books goes into. There is a lot of discussion about just how posters and peripheral artwork is used within the park to enhance the visitor's experience and a lot about how the role of the poster has changed over the years. There is a walk through of how screen printing is used in poster design with the different stages photographed, showing the colours layered up.

If you are a fan of the Disney visual style then I totally recommend buying this book. When people talk about Disney art work, I never really thought about posters playing an important role and yet the fact that I can sit with this book completely captivated (without even checking instagram) obviously shows that it is a really compelling medium which is more than deserving of a great big glossy book!

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