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Etsy Finds- Whimsy Milieu

A few days ago I was browsing through etsy and I did that thing where you think "Yeah I've seen enough." and scroll through madly just to see the delicious colours blurr. Other people do that right? As dozens of images flicked in front of my eyes something in the back of my mind went PENGUIN RING! THERE WAS AN AMAZING PENGUIN RING! I then spent forever scrolling back and forth until I found the above amazing penguin ring. After some careful retail research (spending too long browsing through the shop and imagining them all wiggling on my fingers) I discovered that Whimsy Milieu is a wonderful wonderful shop selling wooden jewellery and other beautiful goods. My favourite thing about these rings is they allow you to subtly indulge the burning desire to dress in fancy dress at all times. For some reason it isn't acceptable to wear a penguin onsie every hour of the day (although I fear that I am pushing the acceptability of that a little) and so instead you can wear a secret little penguin on your finger. Hehe! 
Are they not beautiful? Whimsy Milieu is run by the amazingly talented Jacqueline Chan, a designer-maker based in Australia. You can view her beautiful works on her etsy shop or through her wonderful blog here

Sea Creatures- Seal Ring, Shark Ring, Ray Ring, Bear Ring, Octopus Ring
Penguin Ring, Crown Ring, Croissant Necklace, Rabbit Ring, Pretzel necklaces.

ps If you love her rabbit ring she also does an amazing set of rabbit ear wall hooks! They are worth checking out fo sho.

This post was written in collaboration with Etsy Affiliation but all choices of content all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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