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Elphie's trip to the beach

I think I should probably introduce you to someone very special to me. This is Elphie. She is my beloved Leonburger and she is a silly, fluffy, massive baby. A while ago we realised that she has never been to the beach and so this week we decided to remedy that. Welcome to Elphie's first trip to the beach!
The entire family tagged along too, of course. It's been pretty damn great; reading, watching Two Greedy Italians, eating big breakfasts and generally slowing the pace of life for a week. It's certainly making me feel very lucky to live in a place where I can get to idyllic spots with relative ease; it's just so relaxing.
I'm pretty sure that Elphie loves the beach...but it is often quite hard to tell with a dopey dog. She certainly seemed quite confused by the concept of sand and drank quite a lot of sea water- I suppose that means approval.
We can never walk for too long without someone taking Elphie's picture (even if most of the time it is my Mum!) because she's just so big. Today we heard her compared to a lion and a bear by various different children. Personally I think of her as more of a furry pig or a woolly mammoth.

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