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DIY Painted Phone Charger


 It's almost an unwritten rule of cohabiting that when you live with a group of people there will come a time when you will stare at an iphone charger and think "is that mine?". I don't know how many chargers I've unknowingly used, stolen or had stolen over the years but I know that I get through them at a disconcerting rate. For a depressing couple of weeks I identified mine by the fraying wires at the end... but that was only before someone else said "no, mine's just as bad as that." As I could no longer identify my trusty apple juice by it's brokenness so I decided to buy a new one and make it unmistakably mine. Is it not fabulous?! I don't think I will ever miss my charger again.

You will need:
A plug
Fine sandpaper
Nail Varnish
1. Clean your plug from any grease or dirt.
2. Rub your plug all over with fine sand paper. This creates a rough surface which the varnish can adhere to.
3. Apply your first coat of nail varnish and wait to dry completely before re-coating.
4. The number of coats required will depend entirely on the nail varnish used. For this shiny varnish I used about three coats, for the blue varnish pictured above I only needed two coats as it was extremely matte whereas for the sparkly plug I must have used at least five layers for complete coverage.
One thing to note is that nail varnish can be a strange creature. The above photo was taken about two hours after I finished painting my plugs and as you can see the blue plug looks really streaky and lumpy. I decided to store my plugs and come back and take new pictures on another day as the sun was going in. Fast forward a couple of days later and the blue plug is completely smooth and matte and level (as you can see in the photo above). So be aware that touch dry is not the same as truly dry and you may have to wait a little to get the true effect.


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