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Dance Music Videos I am loving right now


Yeah, yeah I know I don't like it when my favourite bloggers bombard me with a tonne of videos to watch either. I mean come on! These are gonna take 20 minutes to watch! Argh! But bear with me. Watch the first one then save for later, ok? Ok.

I loooove a good dance vid. I used to be a dancer when I was a teen and I still have that urge to get up and move my lil feets every time I hear a good tune. The first video has entirely captured me, I have done this dance at least 20 times in front of my mirror. It is mesmerising and amazing. The song is amazeballs too.

I I bloomin love this video. I may or may not have slung on a plaid shirt and learnt that snazzy number in my bedroom. (I totally did). This video has SUCH a place in my heart. I know it's not technically a music video but hey, there's music, it's a video. I remember practising endlessly on pointe shoes to be able to do this. There wasn't enough room in the house so I used to go out into the paved garden and cover up my pointes with layers and layers of socks to protect them. To this day I still have pairs of socks with holes at the top. So the really video to admire here is the original Robyn music video...but I think I might love the Greg James version more. The effort! The Leggings! The bored men holding torches! I can't stop laughing!!!

And a cheeky bonus. This isn't a music video but it is compulsory watchng if you're a game of thrones fan. WATCH THIS NOW. And then this repeatedly. Seriously. Put that shizz on repeat. Literally all day.


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