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Fanny Crown Evening Wear

Hi all! Bit of a different  look for you today, but I have good reason! A couple of days ago the people from Fanny Crown contacted me about a competition they were running to style some of their evening wear. Since I've been looking for an excuse to play with my make up collection I thought I'd give it a go and have ended up with two quite different looks. I think for the competition you're only supposed to style one dress but I styled four because I couldn't quite choose (whoops!).

The first thing I decide on when I'm choosing a formal dress is whether I'm going for romance or glam. My next event coming up is a ball at George's uni; this doesn't reeaaally help me as either look could work perfectly. Oh well! Luckily Fanny Crown has a pretty amazing offering for both categories and so I've styled two contrastive looks to compliment these. I hope you like them!
For my two glamorous looks I chose to sweep my hair to the side and keep it down. As far as make up goes I kept it pretty basic, lots of concealer to lighten the lid and a neat flick of liner. For my lips I painted a dark red lip stick and then with a small brush applied a layer of hair gel...yeah you read that right. I then waited for this to go a little bit tacky and then patted on some red glitter powder. I can promise you it's a such a wow look and always gets comments. If you're not too keen to pat your lips with gel then I think Vaseline may work just as well.
So this is my favourite dress of them all! As soon as I saw it I thought it looked just like something Margaery from Games of Thrones would wear and I love it! That cut out! That beading! That back! Oh my! If I could get a dress from Fanny Crown it would be this one. It was quite hard to style, however because there is so much going on; I decided to opt for simple complimentary shoes, a big ol' bow for my hair and some sultry scent.
Dress by Fanny Crown
Perfume- Hypnotic Poison by Dior
Shoes- from Asos.
Bow from Crown and glory.

My second choice is full on glamour! It screams old Hollywood, sparkly jewellery, mystifying scents and sauntering down a long sweeping staircase into the arms of a dapper date. However! Seeing as I have red hair already AND favour a red lip I couldn't go full on red without a little touch of playfulness otherwise it might be a bit full on. Bring on the cat ears!
Dress by Fanny Crown
Red shoes from Asos
Cat ears from Crown and Glory
Red Lipstick from Barry M
Red glitter powder (used on lips) from Barry M
And now onto my romantic looks. I didn't want to go full on blush-and-english-rose-simple because that just isn't me. When I dress up I always dress dramatically and so I wanted to reflect that in my make up but in a subtle way. I decided to go for a very pale patterned eye shadow. I dusted the whole of my upper lids with a pale shadow which blended out to white. I then took a white liner pencil and drew tree-like patterns which I then highlighted with a silver eyeshadow.
The beading on this dress was my main inspiration for my eyeshadow pattern. I think that detailing is just exquisite. I don't usually go for such classic looks, I think that is usually because I think they won't be 'wow' enough but I think this dress proves that wrong. It was quite hard to style simply because it seemed so complete as an outfit that I was afraid to add to it and upset the balance.In the end I played it safe as far as colour went but went for a statement clutch.
Dress from Fanny Crown
Clutch from Choies
Earrings from She Inside
Shoes from Asos
So...I adore this dress. It so nearly was my favourite. I actually had to sit down with a cup of tea to decide between this and the blue. I'm still not totally sure. No I am. Maybe. Anyway, I love this dress. If every single dress I owned could be backless I would be a happy girly. If every dress I owned could also be covered in sequins I would be even happier. For accessories I decided to keep it really simple and then have an optional headband. I think that's always a wise move- have a wacky accessory which is amazing but you decide on the night if you'll wear it or not. I always decided yes!
Dress by Fanny Crown 
Shoes from Topshop
Headband from Crown and Glory
Perfume by Chanel 

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