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DIY Gold Vinyl Door Stickers

As the majority of my things are very brightly coloured I decided that my room needed to be a big white canvas. While I was away at uni my Mum very kindly painted my walls and door for me so by the time I got back everything looked shiny and pristine. However that door looked TOO white! It just begged to have a little feature to make it sparkle and so I decided to give it a little pattern make over.

You will need:
Sticky back plastic/vinyl
A ruler and pencil
A hard surface to smooth out your stickers (I used a hardcover book)
Paper for a template.
First things first, create a template of the shape you want and cut out as many as you need from the sticky back plastic. If your shape is very complicated it is safer to cut with the shiny side facing up as it can snag if you are cutting from the paper side.
1. Using your ruler, mark a little dot for the locations of your hearts.
2. To stick your shape work out how your shape will line up. For me I made sure that my little dot marker was in the valley of my heart so that each row was in line.
3. Using a book, press down up your shape to smooth our any air bubbles and secure the adhesive.
4. Tadaaa!
5. Now continue along your row adding more and more hearts.
6. With your second row try and position the hearts regularly between the row above.
7. If there are contoured sections of your surface first stick the sticker to the largest flat edge and push that down, then take your ruler and push your sticker into the creases.
8. And you're done! Admire your handiwork!

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