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Chill out week

 Thank you to everyone for the comments, tweets and emails in the last couple of weeks, they really meant so much to me and made my lip quiver a couple of times. I have spent my first week of summer relaxing and doing anything and everything to get back to normal. It's been really lovely. It's been nice to spend some time blog planning again after such a long break; with luck normal blogging should resume next week. I'm pretty excited to start again, I've missed it way too much. But for now here are some photos.
 My first few days were mainly bed based. I've been making more of an effort to read this year and I'm really enjoying having a source of entertainment which isn't screen based! Of course I have hobbies and the like but they seem much more active and less relaxed than watching the telly or browsing pinterest, so it's nice to get into a routine of passive entertainment which I don't have to feel too guilty about. Also green tea. I've had a lot of green tea. I bought some with a shiver purely because I knew it was healthy for me. I've tried to drink it before in the mornings to kickstart my metabolism, but could barely get through the cup on account of it mainly tasting like liquidised hamster bedding (I can't be the only one who thinks that right!?). Basically to make the whole ordeal better I bought the fanciest Clipper tea I could get my hands on and it's actually nice! I've been constantly surprising myself by choosing to drink it.
 My main task has been to get my room in order. I've had the same room literally all my life and so it still felt like a child's room. As I'm now a grown-up (age-wise) I thought it needed a bit of an update and so I've spent the last couple of weeks putting up shelves, sorting things out and generally re-jigging it all. The above freshly-framed picture is a paper bag which I stole from Macy's in New York a few years ago. I saw it under the counter and fell in loooove so I asked the lady if I could have one, she very snootily replied "No, they are for our gift bags for our VIP shopping event." I then waited until she left and swiped one. Snootiness never wins.
 I've also got a new shelving system for my make up and jewellery which gave me an opportunity to tip everything out on my bed and sort it into exciting piles. It's odd because I've never reeeaally thought of myself as a make up girl but when faced with this pile I sort of have to admit that I am. I need to start using some of it. Also my jewellery collection just makes me smile like crazy. I think I feel a whole jewellery based post coming on.
 I'm particularly loving the little corner of my room where my desk is. It's so light and colourful.
I also took the plunge today and went to the hairdressers. It's been something I've needed to do for a while and I have been dreading it. Due to stress my hair has been falling out. It's been really worrying and I hate the feeling of a thinner pony tail than I'm used to. Has anyone out there ever had the same problem? Did it grow back when you were no longer stressed? I'd be really interested to know. Anyway today I went to the hairdressers, took a deep breath and told her to cut off as much as she needed to to make it healthy. It ended up not being too much but gosh half an inch off your hair feels like a mile! It feels good to have a fresh start though. I'm hoping with my new healthy, chilled out lifestyle it'll be shiny in no time!


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