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DIY Bauble Chandelier

What with uni work and exams looming (they're all over in 15 days!!!) I haven't had a lot of time for crafting. There has been major craft withdrawal here, guys! 

Over the last couple of weeks I've been redecorating my room in my family home. I've lived in the same house since I was born and so my room was rather childish and in need of a bit of an upheaval. After taking out all the childish elements I was left with a bare light bulb- not too pretty. I wanted to make a light fitting which would look nice and bright and cartoony but not too childish. You can make your own with any baubles (now is the perfect time to buy them online because it's no where near Christmas!). 

You will need:
A plastic plate
A drill 
A Stanley knife
A sharpie
Card for a template
Fishing line or acrylic thread
A needle
Baubles (I used about 60. I bought mine from Paperchase)
1. Take your plate. I bought two just to test cutting the plastic. I really recommend this because some plastics shatter when cut or drilled too fast.
2. Make a template with card. Your inner circle needs to be the right size to fit around your light fixture. Draw your inner circle using sharpie.
3. Using your sharpie draw dots around the edge of the plate as markers for your drill holes.
4. Using your Stanley knife make perforations in the plastic so you make a dotted line.
5. Turn your plate over, it should like this.
6. Using a combination of pushing and cutting push out the centre.
7. Now drill your holes. Make sure they're not too close together that the balls will all collide. ( I had to rewrite that sentence so many times so it didn't sound rude!)
8.  Your plate should look all pocked like this.
9. Take your baubles.
10. Stack up some cans of soup as tall as you want your chandelier to hand and balance your plate on top.
11. Thread your fishing line through one of the holes and tie a bauble on the end.
12. If you like you can cut this thread and knot it at the top but I was worried about the knots slipping through. To avoid this I then took the end of the thread with the bauble on it and threaded it through a second hole and attached another bauble to this.
13. Build up your chandelier.
14. Now time to attach your light. Most fixture will look like this and have a screw thread in the middle which you can unscrew and then put your fixture over. Just remember to turn off the power before hand because this is a real electrical hazard.

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