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This Weekend...

 As you may have gathered from my sparse activity lately there is some annoying and distracting stuff in my life which has been taking up a lot of my time (but mostly just my thoughts). Finally we are nearing the end of term and I get to go home soon for a bit of a break (18 days!!! Woooo!) but until then it's been a case of keeping myself busy and getting lots done. This weekend was the first time in a while I just let myself relax. George visited and I got to remind myself just how lovely Edinburgh can be. Just visiting bars and coffeehouses with loved ones is THE BEST.
On Friday night we took a trip to see the Grand Budapest Hotel (it was my second time that week!) and sat for 90 minutes having pure happiness take place infront of us courtesy of Mr Wes Anderson. I do adore than man and everything he touches. I'm sure I will post a lot more about this film. If you haven't been to see it GO AND SEE IT NOW!
We then took a trip to the Nation Museum where there was a big exhibit on about wooly mammoths. As you may know I am a rather big fan of Mammoths and so I was pretty darn excited. However when we got there the ticket man told us that it was mainly for children, only takes 30 minutes to walk around and was £9. I kind of wavered, after all I do like things for children. They told us the main exhibit was a baby mammoth replica called Lyuba which prompted much awwwing from me, I then looked up a picture. Lyuba is not as cute as her name. I'm sorry but a baby mammoth should literally be the cutest thing. In the end we just went to the gift shop and I got this pen. I was absolutely fine with that.
 I also had a complete and utter shopping success this weekend. I love the Rifle Paper Co and have been dying to buy their Secret Garden calendar for aaaaagees. When it first came out I just could justify it; postage alone was about £20 and so I had to let it slide. Way back in February when I was browsing the sale section of Waterstones I saw the calendar for £14.99 and squealed with excitement. But once again I kind of checked myself and thought that was a lot of money to spend on a calendar. I let it slide again. A couple of nights ago I was looking on their website and seriously regretting not buying it. I decided to just take the plunge and buy it from them because I loved it and money is for spending on things you love. Just as I was checking out I decided to wait until later that week so I could check if they still had it in Waterstones (although I didn't think they would as it was on sale MONTHS ago). And so I trudged in there today and what do I spy!? A calendar with a huge sticker on it saying "REDUCED TO CLEAR! 99p!" RESULT!!!!
 I also received an amazing parcel this weekend which was the result of a gigantic online shopping spree a couple of weeks ago. New clothes are the best.
Stay happy my dears.


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