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A giveaway with Glasses Direct!

I get quite a few emails about glasses. I've been wearing glasses for uni and reading for a few years now and it can be rather hard to find a snazzy pair. For my first pair of glasses I fell in love with a designer pair of sunglasses I found at the opticians; I BEGGED them to put regular lenses in, they did and for about a year I had the pleasure of walking around in these amazingly, wonderfully huge buggy specs. They looked ridiculous-I loved them!!! Until last December, when they broke just before my exam. I sent them away to be fixed but it would seem the damage was done. I mourned those glasses and sort of gave up finding a fashionable alternative.

One day on a complete whim I decided to google online glasses shops. I came across Glasses Direct and instantly knew I wanted to work with them for the blog. This company is amazing. 1) They have absolutely wonderful, colourful and fashionable frames. 2) They are really affordable (you order one pair you get another free...AND it can be two different prescriptions!) 3) Their ordering process is really cool!

Basically Glasses Direct has solved the biggest problem with buying glasses online; ideally you really want to try them on. So they offer a service where you choose your four favourite styles and they send them to you, with clear frames, free of charge for you to try on. You then try them on, return them within 7 days and choose your favourites to have your prescription put in. UH- MAZING.

Because I love both you guys and working with uber cool companies, I am excited to say that I am hosting a giveaway for Glasses Direct.

In order to enter simply
Pop on over to the Glasses Direct facebook page, give them a like and post "Enter Now That's Pretty's Give Away" on the wall.
Follow this blog in some manner (Facebook, GFC, Bloglovin)
Then post a comment on this post telling me you have entered! Simple pimple!

You will win a pair of glasses from the beautiful Scout range.
Competition closes Midday 19th March.

Good Luck!
PS All opinions are entirely my own. If I sound overly emphatic it is not due to me being paid to be so... I'm just a very excitable person. 

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