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Valentines day giveaway

I love you guys. I know everyone says it and it's really cheesy but I genuinely love logging onto my blog and seeing all your lovely comments and tweets; it completely brightens my day. Because Valentines Day is coming up and therefore 'tis the season to give back to those you love, I thought I would run a little mini giveaway to say thank you and to make you something cute.
 If you win, you will receive this adorable cactus pin cushion (handmade by yours truly!) as well as a wheel of these absolutely heart-achingly cute heart pins. Sigh, I love Valentines day.
This giveaway is open to absolutely everyone all over the world.
This giveaway is a complete excuse to get to know some of you a little better! I know I have so many glorious readers who comment regularly and I appreciate you guys so much; but I also know there are hundreds of you who read along and I want to get to know you all! And so to enter (whether you are a talkative reader or not!) simply leave a comment below introducing yourself and some cool facts about you. If you have a twitter feel free to leave that too, I love connecting to my readers! If you'd like to follow along then feel free to on bloglovin or something similar.

Lastly, this competition closes on 14th February at Midday. 
I cannot wait to meet you all!

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