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The Evolution of Blogs

First of all let me say how incredibly touched I was by the response to my last post. I still haven't had a chance to return all your kind comments and emails but please know they truly helped me and made me smile, so thank you so much.

In a way it was a real relief to write that post; obviously because it got things off my chest but also because it opened up new and different blog content for me. I think of Now That's Pretty as a craft blog, that's the way I describe it to people and they way I think it comes across to readers. Thinking of it this way, however does stop me from writing a lot of content. Outfit posts, posts about uni and just posts about everyday life often get sidelined in my head as I think they won't fit into the 'craft'  remit that I've set myself. This is something I really want to change- I want Now That's Pretty to have a lot more lifestyle content. Lately uni has been picking up and so I haven't been able to craft as much as I'd like and this means that I just haven't been posting- hopefully that will change soon but until it does, it will be nice to be able to post content which isn't purely craft based. I hope you guys agree that this seems to be a natural evolution for my blog... if you're not convinced then just you wait. You're gonna love it!

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