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Meet Murphy the Mammoth

So, yesterday I bought Murphy. Murphy is a mammoth. And there is a bit of a story attached to him. I thought I would share the story because it's pretty cool and so it he.
So a year and a bit ago (maybe more) me and my family came to Edinburgh for the first time. We searched around for a little bit and came across Grassmarket which is a wonderful hive of beautiful independent shops. I discovered Transreal books for the first time. It is a delightful little book shop selling (for want of a better word) Geek Literature, Comic books and all weird and wonderful things in between. At the time we didn't go inside but in the window I spotted an amazingly huge mammoth. I loved him so much! We were in a rush and so couldn't go in but I remember thinking "I will buy him when I come back." Sadly we didn't go back to Grassmarket all holiday and so I wasn't able to buy him.

Fast forward a few months and I applied and got into Edinburgh uni. For a whole year I walked past Transreal and would nod at my lovely mammoth. Until this week!
 Doesn't he look fantastic? I must say I was excited all day about buying him! I had to sit through four hours of morning lectures, patiently watching the clock and knowing that a Mammoth was waiting for me. It was torture! At lunchtime I met George outside my halls and we skipped down to Grassmarket.
 Admittedly there were a few Mammoths to choose from but the most lovely one (Murphy, his name is Murphy) was hanging out of a vintage trunk. It was love at first trunk squeeze.
 I think it's love.

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