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DIY Letter Croutons

 In my opinion, soup isn't soup without croutons. For a while I've been wondering about making my own croutons and I thought Valentines day was a better day than any to try out these cute letter croutons. They're really easy to make and are guaranteed to make your desired diner smile. Spell out what ever you like (as long as it's lovely).

You will need:
Letter cutters
Sliced Bread
Butter or oil for frying
A frying pan
A toothpick
1. Take your sliced bread, I found soft white bread works best.
2. Using your cutters press firmly and quickly into the bread. You want to be quick so you don't squash your bread and then cut it as then your bread will gradually fluff back up again and come out of shape.
3. Using a toothpick, push your bread out of your cutter.
4. Cut out all your letters.
5. If you can make some spares in case of burning or snapping.
6. Spray your frying pan or lightly oil it and allow to heat up.
7. Allow your bread letters to crisp up in the pan for a few minutes.
8. When your letters have browned on one side turn over and allow the other crisp up.
9. You will know when your croutons are done as they will feel hard when squeezed.
10. Carefully drop into your soup and serve!

If you're not feeling super romantic this is a great idea for dinner parties to announce your soup's flavour.

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