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The Healthy How-to

Hey everyone, sorry about my absence. It would seem that January just isn't my month. I go low ebb and am just generally uninspired and uninspiring and so I decided to take the majority of the month off. I wanted to introduce something a little bit different I would like to try on the blog.

I have always wanted to live a more healthy life (I mean, who wouldn't!?) but I find it really hard to know what to do. You hear so much advice and not all of it is compatible AND on top of that I am a really terrible cook! I am so bad at planning meals and thinking out everything that being healthy and balanced and eating tasty food seemed quite unachievable. This is why I have set myself this little project and, if you will let me, I would like to introduce it onto the blog.

Basically I have spent the last week browsing the internet, reading books and articles and collating the information about what leads to a healthy life. This is not a guide to weightloss (although if you do lead an unhealthy life that would probably be a side effect!) as that wasn't particularly my aim. My aim was to draft up a lifestyle which would benefit my health. I want to eat good food which will do me good!

Over the next couple of weeks I want to introduce loads of posts with recipes of what I'm eating, my shopping lists, my snacks and also why I'm doing it (the healthy benefits of lowering the risk of heart disease and Cancer are way too motivating!). Basically I want to put together exactly the set of posts that I wanted to read before I read all the pages and pages of stuff! So I hope you will join me, bloggy friends! And don't worry; if you are not a fan then normal DIY posting will resume next week!


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