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Super-easy Cajun Chicken wraps

 One of the main reasons I don't like eating healthy food is afterwards you normally say something like "That was really nice...considering how healthy it was." Call me demanding, but I want yummy food! All the time! Even if it is healthy! That is why I love this dish. It's quick to cook but still takes enough prep to make you proud of cooking something. It is also under 500 calories so is perfect for all you 5:2 folks out there!

You will need:
A wrap
A chicken breast
Cajun spice rub
Half an onion
A Bell Pepper
Greek yoghurt (I love Total 0%)
1. Tip some of you spice rub out onto a small plate and roll your chicken in it. Coat with more than you think you would need.
2. Chop up your onion and pepper into chunks and strips.
3. On a medium to high heat cook your chicken on the grill turning every couple of minutes so the spices do not burn.
4. When your chicken is starting to colour add your veg to the pan.
5. Once cooked lay your chicken and veg out down the centre of a wrap.
6. Add lots of lettuce and blobs of yoghurt.

I know it's a pretty simple dinner but it is totally yummy! I've been eating it a lot lately when I have been doing fast days (a day when you eat under 500 calories). Normally fasting wouldn't interest me at all because I would be motivated by weight loss but I find myself a lot more able to stick to the regime now I am driven by general health. I fully recommend that you read up on the benefits of fasting as it's just unavoidably good for you. The really wonderful thing is that it's never too hard because even if you are having a really tough fast you can just think "I'll be able to eat yummy things tomorrow!". Anyway, I really hope you try this recipe. It may be shockingly simple but we all have to start somewhere and it's a pretty yummy place to start.


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