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Sherlock returned...so I made a dress!

The last two years have been hard on us Sherlock fans. There has been little to do but make wide speculations and re-watch the only 6 episodes in existence. But now after last night there is a new episode. I might add, a wonderful new episode with wit and wonderful writing abound. It is my favourite show and I am a very happy bunny with how they managed to recapture the mood of the show even after a two year break.

I've wanted to make a dress like this for ages. I love making dresses with themes but I always think if you're going to fangirl over something (in public) you should do it with subtlety. You know, just a sly nod so that fans of the show will recognise but people who don't like the show won't feel isolated. That's what I was trying to do here.
I decided to go with a really simple little black dress with a cut out on the back. I thought since Sherlock is not a very bright and bold show this would suit it rather nicely. I also decided to go with the Baker street Silhouette rather than anything from the actual show as it's a little more recognisable and easier to produce. The actual cut out turned out to be pretty hard. In the end I drew out my shape, then went over the outline with a tight button hole stitch, cut out the centre, added wire in the correct shape and then went over that again with a button hole stitch. All in all I think it worked well but if I were to do it again I might experiment with using some sort of buckram material or something which really holds its shape. All in all though I'm happy.
I couldn't resist sharing this photo. It made me giggle so much.

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