Thursday, 2 January 2014

Sherlock I made a dress!

The last two years have been hard on us Sherlock fans. There has been little to do but make wide speculations and re-watch the only 6 episodes in existence. But now after last night there is a new episode. I might add, a wonderful new episode with wit and wonderful writing abound. It is my favourite show and I am a very happy bunny with how they managed to recapture the mood of the show even after a two year break.

I've wanted to make a dress like this for ages. I love making dresses with themes but I always think if you're going to fangirl over something (in public) you should do it with subtlety. You know, just a sly nod so that fans of the show will recognise but people who don't like the show won't feel isolated. That's what I was trying to do here.
I decided to go with a really simple little black dress with a cut out on the back. I thought since Sherlock is not a very bright and bold show this would suit it rather nicely. I also decided to go with the Baker street Silhouette rather than anything from the actual show as it's a little more recognisable and easier to produce. The actual cut out turned out to be pretty hard. In the end I drew out my shape, then went over the outline with a tight button hole stitch, cut out the centre, added wire in the correct shape and then went over that again with a button hole stitch. All in all I think it worked well but if I were to do it again I might experiment with using some sort of buckram material or something which really holds its shape. All in all though I'm happy.
I couldn't resist sharing this photo. It made me giggle so much.


  1. oh my gosh the snog! That dress is genius!

  2. this dress is absolutely amazing! i bet you anything there will be long queue of fans wanting you to make one for them if they come across this. that seen was so funny haha!

    xo Sarah

  3. Your dress is amazing, so subtle and clever!
    I love Sherlock

  4. Ugh such an awesome dress!! The new episode was fab and made me giggle in all the right ways

  5. The dress is amazing! I just loved that part of the episode, it made me giggle, I can't wait for the rest of the season x

  6. Absolutely Lovely! I love Sherlock and that dress is incredible! I hope you will share a tutorial for a similar dress because this is fabulous! (Sorry about my enthusiasm for adjectives)

  7. Oh gosh! That dress looks absolutely fabulous! I love the cut. That Sherlock silhouette on the back just blew me away. You've got great skill and wonderful works. I hope you'll always find inspiration to fuel your creativity!

    Serena Hartigan @ The Zip Yard