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My Resolutions 2014- the big ones!

Time to share my resolutions with you! As I talked about last year, I always do my resolutions a little bit differently; I think if you can have a list of things to check off you are far more likely to get them done than if you just have vague aims. This year I've decided to go with a big long list of tiny little things I want to do (I'll share that tomorrow) and then some big main aims. I may need your help on a couple of these, guys. Any comments and suggestions are more than welcome.
Notice this doesn't say lose weight/run 17 times a week/eat only spinach. HEALTHY. A couple of years ago I got ill. Before that I had been training in Ballet and dance and had conditioned my body since quite a young age to be used to that level of fitness and intensity. Needless to say, that all stopped when I got ill and suddenly I felt incredibly unhealthy compared to my past self.  This year is a year so getting back that health. I'm cutting down my coffee intake, drinking more water and walking more. Of course I'm at that age where I no longer feel physically unstoppable and immortal anymore, but I think this is as much a mental goal as a physical one.
 I used to love playing music! When I was a kid I played the piano and used to rock a pretty mean ragtime, I used to sing in choirs and do performances and for a while took violin lessons. Now I do absolutely nothing musical and this year I would quite like to change that. George has bought me the most amazingly beautiful red violin and so I have set myself the task of learning at least one song. Just one. Has anyone had any experience with teaching themselves the violin? I took lessons as a child but it is essentially from scratch. ALSO! As I have mentioned previously on this blog I have always wanted to play the harp. Recently I looked into the possibility of actually doing this and discovered I could rent a harp for only £25 a month! Totally doable. There is a harp festival in Edinburgh this year so I intend to attend and learn about teachers and so on. Exciting!
 I've fallen into bad screen habits. I'll be watching a film or a series or something only to feel that I need to open my laptop or my phone and browse pinterest or bloglovin at the same time. I really don't like it so this year when I watch stuff I will really watch stuff. That means I'll watch less rubbish because it will have to be worth dedicating my full attention to.
 I love speaking in different languages. I really really get enjoyment from it. However I have got to a point in my language learning (in French) where I'm not quite sure how to improve. I don't know anyone who speaks French and there's no way I can go to France more often. I think I will need to get a language buddy online or something but that's so scary and I don't think you ever feel like you're going to be good enough for that. Eek. If anyone has experience with self teaching languages and tips on how to progress please share! I know I have more than my fair share of bilingual readers!
 I'm starting to worry about life after uni and so a big goal this year is to spend some time in a creative professional environment and see just what artistic jobs are like. Next week I am going to sit down with a pad of paper and my phone and call every events planner I can find.
 Sewing is fab but I am very lax during term time. My goal is to sew at least one dress a month. Also, for a while now I have really wanted one plain dress made in many different colours so I have a really strong staple wardrobe. This might be the year to make that happen!
This resolution is so boring snoring that only being put on a bright pink background could make it slightly more appealing. Real life is only two years away. I hear you need money for that. 
To get a first you need a 70 in an essay. I consistently get 68 and 69. It is absolutely infuriating. This year I am going to get my first! I am!
This is a big project I want to start for this year. I want to start writing a series of ebooks to start sewing and making dresses. I know from experience how hard it is to start sewing and just knowing where to start but I also know how incredibly rewarding it is. I think the detail I would have to go into is a little too detailed for a blog post and so I aim to sell ebooks. I hope you'll understand that I plan to charge for them since it would be quite a lot of work to put them together. I'm not sure if I'll be able to release them this year but we shall see!

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