Saturday, 4 January 2014

My Resolutions 2014- the big ones!

Time to share my resolutions with you! As I talked about last year, I always do my resolutions a little bit differently; I think if you can have a list of things to check off you are far more likely to get them done than if you just have vague aims. This year I've decided to go with a big long list of tiny little things I want to do (I'll share that tomorrow) and then some big main aims. I may need your help on a couple of these, guys. Any comments and suggestions are more than welcome.
Notice this doesn't say lose weight/run 17 times a week/eat only spinach. HEALTHY. A couple of years ago I got ill. Before that I had been training in Ballet and dance and had conditioned my body since quite a young age to be used to that level of fitness and intensity. Needless to say, that all stopped when I got ill and suddenly I felt incredibly unhealthy compared to my past self.  This year is a year so getting back that health. I'm cutting down my coffee intake, drinking more water and walking more. Of course I'm at that age where I no longer feel physically unstoppable and immortal anymore, but I think this is as much a mental goal as a physical one.
 I used to love playing music! When I was a kid I played the piano and used to rock a pretty mean ragtime, I used to sing in choirs and do performances and for a while took violin lessons. Now I do absolutely nothing musical and this year I would quite like to change that. George has bought me the most amazingly beautiful red violin and so I have set myself the task of learning at least one song. Just one. Has anyone had any experience with teaching themselves the violin? I took lessons as a child but it is essentially from scratch. ALSO! As I have mentioned previously on this blog I have always wanted to play the harp. Recently I looked into the possibility of actually doing this and discovered I could rent a harp for only £25 a month! Totally doable. There is a harp festival in Edinburgh this year so I intend to attend and learn about teachers and so on. Exciting!
 I've fallen into bad screen habits. I'll be watching a film or a series or something only to feel that I need to open my laptop or my phone and browse pinterest or bloglovin at the same time. I really don't like it so this year when I watch stuff I will really watch stuff. That means I'll watch less rubbish because it will have to be worth dedicating my full attention to.
 I love speaking in different languages. I really really get enjoyment from it. However I have got to a point in my language learning (in French) where I'm not quite sure how to improve. I don't know anyone who speaks French and there's no way I can go to France more often. I think I will need to get a language buddy online or something but that's so scary and I don't think you ever feel like you're going to be good enough for that. Eek. If anyone has experience with self teaching languages and tips on how to progress please share! I know I have more than my fair share of bilingual readers!
 I'm starting to worry about life after uni and so a big goal this year is to spend some time in a creative professional environment and see just what artistic jobs are like. Next week I am going to sit down with a pad of paper and my phone and call every events planner I can find.
 Sewing is fab but I am very lax during term time. My goal is to sew at least one dress a month. Also, for a while now I have really wanted one plain dress made in many different colours so I have a really strong staple wardrobe. This might be the year to make that happen!
This resolution is so boring snoring that only being put on a bright pink background could make it slightly more appealing. Real life is only two years away. I hear you need money for that. 
To get a first you need a 70 in an essay. I consistently get 68 and 69. It is absolutely infuriating. This year I am going to get my first! I am!
This is a big project I want to start for this year. I want to start writing a series of ebooks to start sewing and making dresses. I know from experience how hard it is to start sewing and just knowing where to start but I also know how incredibly rewarding it is. I think the detail I would have to go into is a little too detailed for a blog post and so I aim to sell ebooks. I hope you'll understand that I plan to charge for them since it would be quite a lot of work to put them together. I'm not sure if I'll be able to release them this year but we shall see!


  1. I was always getting 68 too! It drove me mad! In my final year, I got a first on every single assignment (I got 80 in one of them- WHAT?!?!?) and ended up graduating with a first overall.

  2. Oh my gosh, learning to play the harp is one of my dreams! (I say dream, not goal, because I'm not musically inclined.) I would love to hear how it goes. These are great goals. Happy to meet you in Blog Brunch today. I love the colorful look of your blog.

    I shared some of my own goals for the New Year this week, if you're interested in checking it out!

  3. I would totally snap that ebook up in a second!

  4. I love your resolutions! 'One screen at a time' may be my favorite - I'm so guilty of it as well. I'll be watching a movie then feel the need to check twitter or instagram & I have no idea why! It's awful how we feel the need to be connected at all times.

    Glad to have connected with you via blog brunch this morning. I look forward to following your blog in the new year :)

  5. These are some great goals, and there are a lot of them - you're more ambitious than I! Get healthy is one of mine too, I also want to be focused on exercising more / eating more fruit but not losing weight. I want to sew more too! Writing an ebook is such an exciting goal, I wish you all the luck! xx

  6. I'm the same as Becky up there, first year I only got 68 or 69 and second year onwards was a constant stream of 70+ marks (personal best: 92) and if I can do it you definitely can!! Definitely start learning an instrument! If you have a good violin then violin is very easy (if you ever want some help or anything drop me an e-mail or a Skype!!) and as you have musical experience I'm sure you will find it easy. It also helps if you've played ukulele as the string configuration is not so very different for your fingers to get used to! I hope you can get your creative internship - I know we were talking about this on twitter. If you are ever in London you should come to C4CC with me!! :) maybe there's a similar thing near you xxx

  7. The French Institute in the West End of Edinburgh was really helpful when I was studying French part time and needed some help. They had a good library of French books that helped me with my vocab and they have lots of study groups so I'm sure they'd be a good point to start.

  8. Getting a 68 or a 69 would drive me absolutely nuts too! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a 70, YOU CAN DO IT ALLY.x

  9. My advice for practicing language skills is to do it in a fun way : instead of making grammar exercises or learning conjugation, watch a movie / TV serie, read a good book, listen to radio in that language ! You can also look for language exchange group : you meet in a bar with a bunch of people who want to practice speaking foreign language !
    Finally I'm French and love writing letters, if you want we could start a correspondence : practice your written french and receive beautiful mail :)

  10. I can be your French buddy! Though I am only halfway through third level French so mine may not be the best. I have a friend who speaks as much French as me, so we wander about speaking primarily in French.

  11. The are fabby and quite similar to mine actually (
    I used to be pretty good at french but haven't done any for 3 years so I got Duolingo which is an amazing free app that I'm catching up with my french on. You should try it out, I don't know what level you are at but you can skip ahead if you can pass little checkpoints.

    I'm excited to see how you get on with all your goals, good luck!

    La Dulcie Vita
    or follow via bloglovin'

  12. Happy new year Ally! How could I not reply earlier, will you forgive me??? If you haven't found one yet, I'd be happy to be your online language buddy! I have done it before, level is not an issue, you can always build up to comfortable discussion (it's actually the point isn't it?). I'd love to practice my British English as well, my accent is rubbish! And we could continue in person when I move to Edinburgh (which should happen some time in April/May, sooner than I thought, yay!)

  13. Hi there!
    I've been following your blog for quite a long time but I've never post any comments. This is the occasion for me to tell you how much I admire your energy and your positive thinking, it's really inspiring. And I love all the crafty things you do ;) Anyway, I'm French and if you want to write a few words in French, feel free to contact me :)