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My 2014 tick off list

We're already a week into 2014 and I have done nothing. I'm finding it really hard to do anything at the moment. I think I have a real case of creative block; every time I start to do something I just kinda end up going 'meh'. I wonder if anyone else has this? People always talk about 'fresh starts' and getting all inspired around new year but I'm sad to say I've never quite felt this. Instead I always feel quite overwhelmed and stressed.
I suppose I do have a slight reason to be stressed. It's the first year without a big change (I'm in the same house, there are no big changes at uni, me and George STILL don't get to live together) and so it's going to be a real case of needing to self-motivate. It'll be really easy to just not do stuff and be lazy and I suppose the pressure of having to do that is a little overwhelming.

But self-motivate I must! Without further ado; this is my list of things to tick off this year.

Go to the Edinburgh harp festival
Grow the blog to 600 bloglovin followers
Get a first in an essay
Go to the zoo
Scale down belongings to prepare to move
Read 10 new books
Write my sewing e book
Go to the theatre
Go to the ballet
Go to the cinema 5 times
Have cheese fondue
Make hash brown casserole
Cook a roast
Find the perfect black flat shoes
Go to a tapas restaurant
Find a perfume I love
Get phone fixed/ upgrade
Get bike fixed
Floss and generally face up to the fact I am an adult and should improve my dental hygiene
Finish the Discworld series
Knit a scarf
Get better at keeping accounts
Get a new pair of glasses
Buy another amazing Christopher St James piece
Start moisturising more


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