Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My 2014 tick off list

We're already a week into 2014 and I have done nothing. I'm finding it really hard to do anything at the moment. I think I have a real case of creative block; every time I start to do something I just kinda end up going 'meh'. I wonder if anyone else has this? People always talk about 'fresh starts' and getting all inspired around new year but I'm sad to say I've never quite felt this. Instead I always feel quite overwhelmed and stressed.
I suppose I do have a slight reason to be stressed. It's the first year without a big change (I'm in the same house, there are no big changes at uni, me and George STILL don't get to live together) and so it's going to be a real case of needing to self-motivate. It'll be really easy to just not do stuff and be lazy and I suppose the pressure of having to do that is a little overwhelming.

But self-motivate I must! Without further ado; this is my list of things to tick off this year.

Go to the Edinburgh harp festival
Grow the blog to 600 bloglovin followers
Get a first in an essay
Go to the zoo
Scale down belongings to prepare to move
Read 10 new books
Write my sewing e book
Go to the theatre
Go to the ballet
Go to the cinema 5 times
Have cheese fondue
Make hash brown casserole
Cook a roast
Find the perfect black flat shoes
Go to a tapas restaurant
Find a perfume I love
Get phone fixed/ upgrade
Get bike fixed
Floss and generally face up to the fact I am an adult and should improve my dental hygiene
Finish the Discworld series
Knit a scarf
Get better at keeping accounts
Get a new pair of glasses
Buy another amazing Christopher St James piece
Start moisturising more


  1. Good luck with your goals, I get the same apres new year too overwhelmed to be creative thing. I say indulge it - so far this year I have achieved watching the first season of Veronica Mars(yes I'm ten years late). After committing 22 hours of 2014 to sitting on my sofa I'm hoping that I've got it out of my system!
    I'm now following you on bloglovin, I'm sure you will get your 600 soon.
    Happy New Year

  2. What a great list! I have never been so great when it comes to goals/resolutions, so mine look a bit silly next to yours. I always find I get creative block around the Christmas holidays. The company I work for goes on holidays for a whole month and because I'm always switched on and constantly on the move at work, the second holidays comes around I swear my brain packs up and goes on holidays too.

  3. I especially like your intention to finish the awesome Discworld series! :D If you haven't read "The amazing Maurice and his educated rodents" yet, I recommend you to start with that one. It's my absolute favourite.

  4. Ooh keep me in the loop about the black flats!