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DIY Champagne Cork Momentos

I love bring out champagne to celebrate things. I the way just having this drink is like saying "Yeah, this is a moment. This is a celebration-worthy moment!" It's the best. For this reason I always feel that I should keep the cork. I always think that maybe I should do something with them and keep them but then naturally it just ends up hanging around the house for a couple of days and then just getting lost or thrown away.  But now I have devised a little craft and I am adamant to make this a tradition. Can you imagine how lovely tonnes of little champagne corks with little flags would look? I better start finding things to celebrate!

You will need:
Your Cork
A large embroidery needle or hat pin
Black card
A needle
A silver or white pen
1. Cut out a flag shape which fits the size of your needle.
2. Outline your flag with silver or white.
3. Write inside what you are celebrating (I added extra details on the back).
4. With a pin make two holes a little in from the edge of your flag.
5. Thread your needle through your flag.
6. Stab your needle into your cork.

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