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An Inspiration Box

January has a little bit of a reputation for making people feel a little low. Recently my boyfriend told me that he was feeling a little uninspired and so I thought I would put together a little bit of an inspiration care package. He's a knowledgeable fellow and so I thought I would find some really interesting books that would get anyone's mind racing. I really enjoyed putting it together- I think I shall try and make lots more little presents like this because who wouldn't enjoy getting a little box of things through the post?
The books I chose were The Elements of Eloquence (which apparently is amazing), The Dictionary of Idioms and their origins, The Reverence Guppy's Aquarium, The Historical figure of Jesus. Oh and if you're wondering about the shark- I have this little eraser and sometimes I follow George around with it and just repeat "I am a basking shark!" in a low and laborious voice. It's very annoying and oh so much fun.

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