Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 Round Up September- December

So this is my last round up. Honestly it has been a wonderful year. Just from a blogging point of view things have gone so much further than I thought they would go. I want to thank absolutely ever one of you for commenting, following and checking in on my little bit of the interweb. I would also especially like to thank Kelly Lanza, Brittni Mehlhoff, Kate Gabrielle, Erica Vonderwall and Melanie Blodgett for letting me contribute to their little corners. Bring on 2014!

Sept- Populaire, Espresso cups, Record Ears, Eraser Stirrer, Ball Garland, Dressing Table
Oct- Long Distance, Glasses, My room, Bat Lanterns, Candy Cones, 5th Anniversary, Blogging, Skulls
Nov- Skunks, The Balmoral, Hair rolls, Star Garland, Guest post, 20!
Dec- Snowflakes, My busy day, Christmas Hols, Paris, Pixar Exhibition, Marche, Jems' Birthday, Xmas!


  1. it looks like it been a good year for you! keep those creative vibes going! x

  2. Happy New Year, I wish you lot's of creativity!!