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My Day Today

 Hey Guys. So I've hardly been blogging at all lately due to being extremely and crazily busy. Turns out if your stuff gets featured on NotontheHighStreet and the Sunday Times then your hours increase dramatically and I have had hardly any spare time. As a little bit of an excuse and I way to share this crazy month with you guys I thought I would take you through my day today.
I woke up at 9am. I know that's not super early but I've been having late nights so it seemed pretty necessary to have a 'lie in'. I get up, get some coffee, open my advent calendar, put on my 'work pyjamas' and get to work!
 The first thing I do is boot up my computer and accept all the email that came in overnight. I then answer business emails. This is streeeeessful! People get super stressy around Christmas time and completely abandon all email courtesy so I just get one line emails saying things like "Where is my ukulele????? It is due to arrive tomorrow!!!!". I swear that is no over exaggeration on the punctuation. Sigh. Deep breath.

So then I embark on my school work. In Scotland we have our yearly exams in December, which is good most year because you get to enjoy a stress free Christmas but this year is making my days completely jam packed! I do a couple of hours of revision; taking notes, planning essays and learning basic essay plans which I can adapt for the exams. Phew. Another coffee I think.
 Around midday I deliver the orders set to be dispatched that day. This process always takes so much longer than you would think. I check every ukulele one last time for faults, I then print off the dispatch form, write out the address, tape up the box all securely and pack them all off ready to go. That can really take its toll when you're doing 15 at a time! I then trundle off down to the local post office where everyone stares weirdly at the manickly tired looking girl with red hair and a giant bag of cardboard boxes.
Then I give myself an hour or so off for my lunch break and so I went into town to buy some new shoes. George is taking me a Champagne Ball this Thursday (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) so I needed some pretty red shoes to tie my outfit and hair all together. Yay for Primark.
I then spent the rest of my lunch hour working on my dress for the ball. It's coming along really nicely! I can't wait to show you all!
 Aaaaaaaand.. back to work. When I get back home I have a quick clear up of the workshop before starting anything new. This certainly doesn't come naturally to me; I am not a very neat person! But I am so terrified of losing track of someone's order that I force myself to be deathly organised when it comes to my business.
And from then on it's making time! I start by making the orders which have come in that day and then making extras of all the best sellers to make it easier in the future or for if there are any sudden rushes. I do this for a few hours and then break for dinner (tonight it was curry watching Sherlock...bliss!) before doing some revision of the school work I did that day and then getting back to ukulele making. Before I go to bed I then update my spreadsheets so I know which orders have been dispatched and so on before falling into bed and sleeping like a baby.

It is my intention to do a birthday haul round up sort of post tomorrow...but at least if I fail now you'll know why!

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