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Lovely Christmas Presents

Guys. Christmas was really awesome. I'm still not quite on track for normal blog-programming over here. Over the next week I'm going to sit down with lots of cups of coffee and lots of new notebooks and plan, plan, plan. But for now I am well and truly still in recharge mode. Seeing as I only stopped shipping orders on the 23rd I really didn't have too much of a Christmas build up and so I hope you don't mind if I use the following week to milk the festive period for all it is worth.

Before I begin my gift round up I thought I would add a little precursor. As a family me and my brother are extremely spoilt. I would like to point out that I fully acknowledge this. As I have got a little older I have become more and more aware of how much effort and money gets spent on our Christmas presents and I have really strived to give back in a significant way.
Just before Christmas my Dad went to Chicago for a conference; I freaked out because it meant I could put an order in to Modcloth without fearing the crazy postage fees! Yay!!! I took full advantage of their sale and asked for that perfect blue patterned dress and the adorable cat handbag. I can't help feeling he needs a little heart button for a nose though. Hmm. I shall get on that. My Mum also ordered me some amazing dresses from Asos AND THE PIE DRESS! I have loved this dress forever and I am so excited I actually own it now. Modcloth bring it back every now and then and it sells out soooo quickly so I'm really psyched she managed to get it. I shall wear it lots and think of pushing daisies. Oh and you see those little brooches? They're the most adorable things ever. Buy them here and revel in their cuteness.
I got loads of fab little bits for Christmas. My mum managed to contribute further to my adorable eraser collection and got me loooooads. Also some cute little macaron boxes to keep them in. I also got some super sweet french plates and a nice new lamp which can be bent into different positions. My brother also did amazingly with my prezzies; he is on a mission to make me respect cooking as much as he does (I'm so bad at savoury things!) and so he bought me some really cool colourful knives. How did he know colour would catch my attention? He also got me a really lovely Little Prince notebook. I love the Little Prince and it's so beautifully made. I shall probably take some better photos of it for my planning for new years post...which should happen. Last but by no means least. You see that cheeky Stitch in the corner? He's just holding my glasses. Like a pro! Oh Stitch.
My main gift was this amazing coat. I've always wanted one of these coats!!! I am so eager for it to rain so I can wear it ever blummin day! Oh also I don't think I have formally introduced Elphie to you before. She is my dog and she is massive. We call her a Carpet Pig.
And finally I was lucky enough to get a load of wonderful creative presents for me to play with. I got the books Papercraft (which I am yet to pour over but I am very excited!) and Paper to Petal (thoroughly leafed through, ordered all the materials already). I also got an amazing collection of mini balls of wool with which to make some of Mr Printable's pompoms which I have been dying to try! I also got some fox buttons for a new dress, looooooads of Fimo and some tools with which to make mega cool things. It's been an amazing year. I am insanely grateful. I might do a little round up of gifts I got people in a couple of days but excuse me while I go and get seven mince pies!

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