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Harry Potter Birthday Party

My big bro is 26 today and I love him with all my heart. If you've been following my instagram you will have seen that we opted for all kinds of Harry Potter themed celebrations. I thought I would do a little bit of a round up on the blog however the lighting in my family home is absolutely appalling! Like seriously seriously bad; every photo seems to come out a shade of amateurish yellow no matter how much effort you put into changing that. So...just trust me. It looks better in real life.
We started proceedings with a Harry Potter wizard cloak wrapped and left outside his door tied to a Hedwig balloon. You can see properly in this instagram.
We then celebrated with chocolate cake, and chocolate macarons (sprayed gold of course!). All in all it was very yummy and pretty much turned out exactly how I'd imagined it. I also bought some butterscotch liqueur because for a while now we've been planning on having a butterscotch mixology day. I'm not sure if there's anyone else out there thinking this, but the Butterbeer that they've made in the parks is just wrong! It's so sweet and cold and I just don't think Butterbeer is like that. Seeing as the folk in Harry Potter always drink it in the winter and feel all warmed and cheered by it I'd always thought of it as warm and alcoholic. I think we;re going to have a go at brewing some and get back to you! Stay tuned!

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