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A giant Ferris Wheel and Merci

Hey folks! We're finally back from celebrating our anniversary in Paris and I have tonnes of photos to show you. I'm going to split it up a little bit so there's not an overload so bear with me!

The first night we arrived we were pretty knackered so we chilled in the hotel for a little bit and then went out for a preliminary explore. We've been to Paris before but never at Christmas time so we were eager to explore the Christmas markets and see what they had to offer. The first place we headed was to the Champs-Élysées where there is a huge market on both sides of the street leading up to the giant ferris wheel. I've got to say, as a whole Paris is a city which doesn't really feel the Christmas spirit too much so it was lovely to drink mulled Cider and eat Bratwurst and just get a bit Christmas-happy. We then made it to the end of the street and went on the giant wheel. 
This photo sort of accurately shows me feelings towards that wheel. There wasn't really much to hold onto. It was very tall. I didn't know I was scared of heights. Hmm
On our second day we headed out to explore the city and went to Merci, the super Hipster department store on Boulevard Beaumarchais. I've wanted to visit this place for absolutely ages and it certainly didn't disappoint. It just so made me want to be rich so I could buy normal things but in their most beautiful forms. Sigh. We also spotted the famous red car in the courtyard and so had a picture taken with it. It may be one of my favourite photos of us; it looks just like one of those cringeable portrait Christmas cards. Love it. 
I took way too many photos and lusted after way too many things. It was just the most beautiful store. If you have a chance to visit. Do. It. Is. FAB.

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