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2013 Resolutions

I thought it might be interesting to do a little bit of a round up of last years resolutions before I form some new ones. 2013 has been a really interesting year for me. It's been my first full year without exams, school, debilitating surgery or other things which are generally likely to hold a girl back and make you feel a little bit suppressed. Overall this year has been a year of "let's see what I can accomplish" and I've surprised myself.

I'd say the two big things that happened this year was my business and my blog. Way back in April, while in bed one day I got a cool idea of how to customise ukuleles. Fast forward to today and I have graphic designers, printers and wholesale suppliers that I work with. It's all pretty crazy and wonderful. Owning a business has taught me so much; it's taught me about the importance of calculating output (you're never going to be a millionaire if you can only possible make 12 of one product a day due to time constraints), how to do my own accounts, how to phone and deal with people I don't know and most importantly how completely foaming-at-the-mouth crazy customers get around Christmas. My god.

This year was also the year of the blog. Although the blog is actually one and a half now I think of January as it being born because that was the date I started taking it really seriously. I started to do regular makes and features and really started seeing it evolve and grow. I also crossed some blogging resolutions off my list by getting to work with some really amazing bloggers. And I mean amazing (I'll talk a bit about that in my next post). AND SO! 1 giveaway, 2 sponsored posts, 195 posts, 8 guest posts, 660 comments and 1113 amazing followers later I find myself an extremely grateful blogger, excited about next year!

1. Go to Paris
We did it! We went to Paris for our aniversary. I'm pretty surprised myself that we managed this one, we hadn't booked anything until late December but it was really cool to just be able to book and jet off! See our Paris posts here 1,2,3.

2. Swim a bit more
Yeah. I just didn't do this. The nearest pool is ages away from our flat and I'm not really feeling it. I'm not too worried about my fitness though; I walk about 7 miles a day back and forth to uni so I'm doing OK.

3. Sell something I've made.
This is the one which makes me giggle to most. This time last year I had the hopes of just selling SOMETHING I'd made and now I have a fully fledge business selling my handmade ukuleles. Thanks to my business I feel capable of carving out a little profession for myself in the world. I also have savings; I've ever had savings before, that's really big!

4. Go on more dates.
We are terrible at Dating. Not really sure why; but this year we've done quite well. We've been to balls and Paris and cinema trips. This is definitely something we could do better at next year though (really I just want to go to another ball).

5. Be more of a tourist.

I didn't really manage this as much as I would have liked. Next year I need to visit the zoo. I did go to the Balmoral though, that was pretty wonderful.

6. Get good at screenprinting.
I didn't do this at all. I am as bad at screen printing as I was in January. But seeing as the reason I wanted to get good was to make fabric I think I have done alrite. I think this year I will just continue with my method of handpainting. Here are my handpainted dresses this year. 1.2.

7. Grow indoor tulips.
Didn't do this at all.

8. Be more aware of what matters.
I think I did get a lot better at this this year. I found me and George argued a lot less (not that we argued that much anyway...we're quite sickening) and generally feel really happy with eachother. I also felt like I had the work and life balance a lot more in check. Huzzah.

9. Learn how to make cocktails.
Hmm yeah. I drank a lot more, does that count?

10. Make up my mind about my course.
Done! I am not studying joint Philosophy and Lingustics with a views to change to full linguistics overall.

11. Buy another ukulele.
...I did. And then 300 more.

12. Get better at cooking.
I am getting there with cooking. The problem is I still find myself so much more interested by desserts than anything savoury so my main meals leave a lot to be desired. Me and George have discovered we really like cooking together though so I think we shall try to do that more often.

13. Visit friends abroad.
I went to Norway!

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