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The Skunk Dress

Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've shared a home made dress with you guys so I thought this blog should have a little bit of home made goodness. This, my lovely followers, is the Skunk dress. Skunks are my favourite animals in the world. I think they get a bit of a bad rap because of the whole stink thing; but domesticated skunks can be trained not to spray. A good analogy is to think that a badly trained skunk will spray as much as a badly trained dog will bite. We spent a long time looking into getting a skunk this year and even found a breeder but sadly a new law marked that de-scenting a skunk was illegal (despite the fact that it is a less invasive procedure than neutering, sigh) so we thought it was best not to. Anyway, if you're still not convinced check out the cuteness here.
Anyway, about this dress. I went for the same old method of finding a majorly cute button and then basing an entire dress around it. Just a little warning, I recently had a total button splurge so expect lots more of these dresses soon. I then handpainted the skunks on using acrylic paint. I really like them. I think they just stylised enough but still cute.
I would also like to mention the above photo really quickly! Does anyone else have that thing where they look wildly different in different photos!? I suffer from it madly. Like the people in my self portraits are utterly unrecognisable- they couldn't even be sisters. I'm so used to taking photos and choosing them based upon whether they look good rather than whether they look like me- but I suppose that's part of having a blog where you have to present a good image rather than a totally truthful one. ANYWAY. I took the above picture and was amazed to find, what I think is the only, photo which actually looks like me. Like me in real life. As in, if we ever meet you would definitely recognise me from the above photo. Sure, I look kind of tired; but I think I kind of like that. It seems very real and that's something lacking from a lot of photos.

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