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DIY Star Garland?

It's mid-late November..so if you're anything like me then you're starting to feel Christmassy. However! This does not go for the entire world! I'm really lucky that all of my house mates are embracing an early Christmas BUT we've had a couple of Scrooges come into the flat saying things along the lines of "Decorations!? Already!?". So, if you happen to live with a Scrooge then this is the perfect DIY for you. It's a little bit Christmassy being stars and all but it's also just not-Christmassy enough to placate the early-decoration-shunners. Oh and don't worry. I won't be pandering to these folks for much longer; Christmas on the blog starts this weekend!

You will need:
Yellow paper
White ard for a template
A yellow pen
A sewing machine
1) Make a template with your white card and cut it out.
2) Draw around the template using your yellow pen on your yellow paper.
3) Cut out your stars.
4) Set your machine on a long stitch. Slowly feed the stars under the presser foot and then pull out the other side before threading in another star. Keep going until you are happy with the length of the garland.
I know that is a super easy DIY but it is genuinely one of my go-to techniques for decoration. Stars on the wall just look so pretty as well.


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