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DIY Hair Rolls

I get a lot of questions asking me how I do my hair; in real life and in the bloggosphere. You know that poofy hairstyle I do where my hair kinda sticks up? Kinda like this, yeah I got a lot of questions about that. Anyway, I'm really lucky in that I have curly hair, like really curly wavy curly hair that kind of stays in place when I put it somewhere. However! When I did dancing I noticed that some of the other girls used to use these things that they called 'hair rats' which had the same sort of effect and so I thought I'd have  go at making one and it was really easy and really effective! I just hope you don't mind if I don't call it a 'rat' because I don't love the idea of putting a rat in my hair.

To make your hair roll you will need:
Felt to match your hair colour.
A needle and thread
A sewing machine
Hair combs
Hair clips
1. Measure out two pieces of felt. They must be as long as the area you want to be poofed up on your head. Make one piece a couple of inches wide and then the other about 5 inches wide.
2. Sew the pieces together in an arch as shown.
3. Turn your roll inside out.
4. Scrunch one side closed and sew shut.
5. Now stuff your hair roll. I just used toilet paper.
6. Sew the other side of your roll shut and You have a felt sausage!
7. Line up you hair combs on your sausage; two at the ends and one at the centre.
8. Sew on securely using doubled thread.
Now to style it! Oh and forgive my roots. I haven't been home in a while. Eeek.
1. First let your hair down. A tip they told us at dancing was if you want a hair up hairstyle that's going to stay in always use day old hair (not been washed). That's my excuse anyway.
2. Tie a section of hair in the front into a bun to keep it out of the way. You need enough hair to cover the roll.
3. Now slide the roll into your hair.
4. Now let the bun at the front free and pull over the roll. Clip at the back using pins and you are done! Yay.
You can then let down the remaining hair if you wish and curl the sides for a really pretty 18th Century sort of feel.

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