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Byebye October

So October is gone...somehow. I hope everyone had a lovely Halloween! I just needed to share some goodies my Mum sent over; she is the queen of care packages. My Halloween parcel contained some lovely chocolates, a little glass ghost bead and then these adorable finger puppets. I was playing with them all day... that isn't an exaggeration. I do have to say though, I am quite excited that October is over because now it's November. And November can only mean one thing IT'S BIRTHDAY MONTH! I am beyond excited. I cannot wait to be twenty. Twenty means a lot to me. I'll explain later, but believe me its big.

Anyway, here are some of my highlights from October. There are lots of Halloween projects for you to pin for next year.
I showed how to make my whiteboard organiser.
I also shared my room tour!
I shared a load of loved up posts too! I talked about our first year of long distance.
I also shared our photos from our big anniversary party.
I kicked off the Halloween season with these vinyl transfer glass make overs.
I shared the tutorial for these bat lanterns.
I made these giant candy corns.
I also made these spiders web cocktail umbrellas for a classy Halloween get together.
I showed this tutorial to make cat ears out of your own hair.
I started the Blogging on the Move series. The first of the series was about the blogging toolkit. Stay tuned!

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