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Today is my 20th birthday. Twenty means so much to me. One of my most vivid childhood memories is laying in bed all tucked up when I was five and thinking about my future. I thought about how I as five and then I thought that one day I would be ten. This seemed so utterly grown up. I then realised OH MY GOD! ONE DAY I WILL BE TWENTY! I remember just thinking it was so odd that the person who was thinking then would one day be thinking but also be twenty. It was just a really important memory for me. For years I have just completely looked foward to being twenty just to make that little five year old me proud. Twenty is grown up. Twenty is beautiful. Twenty is important!!!

I will do a proper birthday post later in the week but for now please just admire this wonderful photo of me enjoying my new found sense of adulthood. Also my that is my brother grinning in the corner being a birthday goblin. It was a wonderful day.

Oh also! For those of you who don't know, I have also dyed my hair red! More on that later!

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