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Afternoon Tea at the Balmoral

You guuuuys! I just had the best weekend ever. My Mummy came for a weekend up to Edinburgh and we just hit the town and enjoyed ourselves to the max. The highlight was that we went to have afternoon tea at the Balmoral as a pre-birthday treat. I pass this super fancy hotel so much and every time I sigh a little and want to step into the luxury so to finally get to go in was so awesome. Also I knew it was going to be complete perfection from the moment we walked in and the harpist was playing 'happy birthday'. I mean, that's a pretty good sign, right?
The food was beautiful and so filling! It's amazing how full you can get on just tiny sandwiches and cakes. Basically I can't remember what all of these little things were but let me tell you they were delicious! Also we didn't quite manage to finish them all so the lovely people at the Balmoral packaged them up with some chocolates and let us take them home. Sigh.
Also I must quickly mention this shirt. I got it the same afternoon and I just love it sooooo much. Yellow is my favourite colour but I find it so hard to find yellow clothes! Especially this bright sunshiney yellow; mustard is a little more prolific but not half as pretty. Anyway; on paper this shirt is my nightmare; garish pattern, puffed sleeves, high neckline, long sleeved- argh. But for some reason it just kind of works don't you think!? I love it anyway. Thank you Mummy for the most amazing birthday treat!

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